Grooms for sale


Wed Nov 18th 2015 to Sun Nov 22nd 2015
Athens, Acropol Theatre, Ippokratous 9-11 str

Event Details

Makis Kostarelos is a television producer. In crisis because the crisis. His wife Flora has nail salons, which are closed and bankrupt. Their son Alexis did not go well with business. Their gardener Alexis, who has also a son, he is not looking pots -but he has put the eye on an ancient statue of the family. A general ministry secretary sells services and signatures charging, including sexual favours. A Russian girl is looking a groom from the Internet and another Russian buys relics, ancient preferably. Mr. Kostarellos has a TV presenter as a mistress... Ms. Kostarellou has a lover, the gardener. The gardener's son has a girlfriend with money. Russian women arrive loaded with money and shopping.

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