Northern Suburbs

Psihiko, Filothei, Maroussi, Kifissia

The Northern Suburbs are quiet, upscale residential areas that are surrounded by abundant vegetation and offer a cool retreat away from the city noise. In the suburbs you may go for a relaxing walk or chill out at a stylish café or bar.

The suburbs of Psihiko and Filothei were developed in the late 1920s and their architecture was based on the model of British garden cities. These quiet residential areas are filled with leafy green broad streets of gorgeous villas.

Maroussi is home to the spectacular O.A.K.A. (Olympic Athletic Centre of Athens) Olympic Park, where the main events for the 2004 Olympic Games were staged. A visit to this building is a must to see the amazing contemporary architecture.

O.A.K.A . Stadium

Kifissia is probably the most elegant suburb of northern Athens, popular for its high concentration of trees, impressive mansions, stylish atmosphere, chic shopping area, exclusive athletic facilities, elegant restaurants and cafes and unsurpassed confectioneries. Until the late 1970s, Kifissia, Kefalari and beyond were popular summer retreats for the upper class Athenians. Nowadays, the Kifissia commercial district is as busy and congested as Kolonaki in central Athens. Kifissia shopping area is upscale with branded boutiques, beautiful shopping malls and trendy stores.

Design Hotel in Kifissia