A Modern Suggestion for the City of Athens 

Mini Break

The hotel features seventy-nine bright and comfortable rooms, each with its own view of Athens

In these difficult times, we all crave something fresh and unique, a dose of vibrant colours to help us forget our daily problems. My Guide Athens is very happy to bring you just such an escape, a newcomer to the Athens accommodation scene designed to instill a sense of wonder and hope.

‘The New Hotel’ has just opened its doors and now eagerly awaits your visit. Its aim is to offer you an unforgettable escape from the stress of everyday life. Here you’ll find relaxation, fun, and a unique modern architectural style. Although opening in a difficult time for the city of Athens, the hotel has proved so nice that it has already been included in the Conde Nast Traveller Best New Hotels 2012 list.

Situated in the heart of Athens, only a few steps away from Syntagma Square and extremely close to the many beautiful Athens attractions. The New Hotel brand is successor to the old Olympic Palace Hotel; its uniqueness amongst Athens hotels is related to the fact that it was designed and decorated with this tradition in mind, and respects it with a combination of modern and old, classic and original ideas.

Art work on side wall of some roomsLay out of a Standard RoomShower Cabin

Following the path of Yes!Hotels, the power of the New Hotel lies in its outstanding quality and exclusive design, as it is one of the very few hotels in Athens to commission international designers, the brothers Humberto and Fernando Campana. With the input of students from the University of Thessaly, the brothers won an international competition, and proceeded to pioneer a method of combining new and recycled materials for cutting edge design, all the whole maintaining the traditional essence of the place.

The design marries the colours of Brazil with Grecian hues; the figures of Karagkiozis and the so-called ‘evil eye,’ the photographs of old Athens, and the stylish chairs, handmade lamps, and all other furniture were exclusively designed for The New Hotel. Although this might sound like a mishmash, the blend of history with innovation should guarantee a positive future for such design.

BedroomMassage Room

The hotel features seventy-nine bright and comfortable rooms, each with its own view of Athens; some face the beautiful church and park opposite Phillelinon Streets, while others face the garden. The gym and spa on offer may seem small compared to some other accommodation in Athens, but they are thoroughly modern and geared toward the hotel’s ethos of health and relaxation. There are also spaces on the first floor for business meetings or other Athens events.

We recommend taking a seat on the glass veranda, at the long wooden tables that faces the road. If you feel like indulging yourself, you can enjoy a cocktail at the New Taste bar-restaurant on site, which also offers Grecian gastronomic odysseys and other delightful dishes for all tastes. Within the restaurant, and at the hotel’s reception, you’ll find a wooden installation constructed from materials recycled from previous incarnations of the building.

The New Hotel is evocative of the sense of renewal that pervades Athens. You can simply enjoy this new approach to hospitality, or venture out to walk near Monastiraki, Plaka or Kolonaki to listen to the busy Athens streets as the locals go about their business.

Penthouse SuiteReception Area

This is the new, alternative Athens, that smiles with courage in response to the economic crisis; come and experience it for yourself!