Best Cafes Restaurants in Athens

Local Recommendations from our My Guide Athens team

Everywhere you go in Athens it is hard not to remark at the local people in cafes. They all sit relaxing and drinking their daily cafe-frappe at the thousands of cafes around the city. To be a real Athenean, mingle, chat and drink a cafe-frappe.

As you wander around the city, notice how long Greek people will sit in one cafe for. They do not move at the same fast pace as people in other capital cities like London and Paris. Check the mark around the rim of their tall coffee cup. It will undoubtedly show that time has passed and they have enjoyed their time at the cafe. Do the same and soak up the cafe culture in Athens. Almost all of the cafes offer a range of sandwiches, fresh salads and pasties. Indeed all Greek people would agree that cafes are the perfect place to relax.